June 13, 1942

Nation Faces Serious Shortage
WASHINGTON, D.C.—President Roosevelt in a nationwide radio address last night implored the nation to turn in “…every bit of rubber you can possibly spare…”. The scrap drive will be from June 15 to June 30 as the nation faces a dire shortage due to the demands of war matériel. FDR went on to explain reasons rubber is so important, among which is that Japan has cut off ninety-two per cent of our supply. The president reassured the nation that we will have enough rubber to “…build the planes to bomb Tokio and Berlin.” The amount of rubber collected in the called scrap drive will directly impact whether or not gasoline rationing is extended nationwide beyond the Eastern Seaboard. Gasoline is currently rationed in those states to reduce consumption of rubber, and a lower-than-needed rubber turn-in will force gasoline rationing to extend nationwide.

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