December 12, 1942

OPA Defends Ration System
NEW YORK, N.Y.—The Office of Price Administration (OPA) announced yesterday a one-week extension for fuel oil ration coupons. Ration coupon no. one has an expiration date of December 16, but will now be honored until December 23. Coupon no. two has an expiration date of January 19, but will be honored until January 26. OPA head Leon Henderson meanwhile was before Congress defending the means of calculating fuel oil rationing. The OPA system is based on heating by square footage in a county-by-county assessment. The special Senate subcommittee Henderson was addressing objects to this method because it does not account for factors such as wind, humidity, and construction of structures. The subcommittee instead prefers a percentage-based reduction system, but Henderson states such a method would result in “…not even rough justice…” to the householder.

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