December 19, 1942

Urgent Need in North Africa Cited
WASHINGTON, D.C.—Citing an urgent need in the North African campaign, a complete ban on gasoline sales to passenger vehicles was mandated beginning noon yesterday for the seventeen Eastern seaboard states. Chief of the Office of Price Administration (OPA), Leon Henderson, last night speculated the ban may be lifted as early as Sunday midnight. Lifting of the ban is contingent on a revamping of the rationing system for the region, which Henderson said he hoped would be “…put into effect Monday morning.” The plan would reduce pleasure driving to the minimum, and may also include a revaluation of A, B, and C ration stamps. Under the current eastern ban, passenger vehicles are allowed purchase of one coupon’s work of gasoline, but only for emergency purposes. War workers are not affected by the ban and will continue to receive their normal ration.

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