January 2, 1943

Call for More War Goods Answered
PASCAGOULA, Miss.—Following his rescue in South Pacific, Captain Eddie Rickenbacker famously called for more war goods in what is now commonly known as the “Rickenbacker Story.” On New Year’s Day here, the reported first organized labor movement to answer this call formed here at the Ingalls shipyards, which turn out all-welded ships for all of the Allied navies. Thousands of workers—both men and women—formed a so-called Rickenbacker Squadron, signified by tossing their hats into a ring under a banner extolling “my hat’s with Rick”. Rickenbacker himself wired the gathering. The cable read, in part, “Your purposes and pledges are laudable and will go a long way toward helping our boys on the battlefronts of the world and hell-holes of combat.” Other notables also praised the “squadron” for its initiative and purpose.

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