January 23, 1943

Lower Pigment Use Ordered
WASHINGTON, D.C.—On Thursday, the War Production Board (WPB) ordered a reduction in the use of organic pigments for civilian purposes. The order mandates use be lowered by forty per cent from the 1941 level and is retroactive to the first of this month. As a result of the reduced use, many consumer goods will have muted colors compared to years past. Some of the items that will be affected include textiles, printed materials, rubber and plastic products, and paper products. Clothing, for example, will not be available in very bright or dark colors, and those garments constructed of printed fabric will have more white areas and fewer colored areas. Women will also be faced with the disappearance of bright shades of lipstick and nail polish. The order exempts pigments sourced from vegetable material, inorganic dyes, and non-critical materials.

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