January 30, 1943

Today Marks Decade in Power
LONDON, England—Ten years ago today Adolf Hitler was named chancellor of Germany by then President Paul von Hindenburg. Hindenburg had defeated Hitler the previous year in the national presidential election. It was only through political maneuvering that Hitler—an Austrian—was able to run for president of Germany. The move was Hitler’s appointment by a member of his Nazi party, Wilhelm Frick, Minister of the Interior of Brunswick, to a minor political post that automatically granted German citizenship to Hitler. Despite Hindenburg’s victory, Hitler’s Nazi party was powerful enough to defeat every cabinet installed by the president until he acquiesced to the inevitable and named the former Corporal Hitler as chancellor. While past anniversaries have seen Hitler deliver speeches, it appears instead propaganda minster Dr. Joseph Goebbels will read a proclamation from Hitler at 11 a.m. Eastern War Time (EWT).

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