April 16, 1943

Says No Cause for Alarm
WASHINGTON, D.C.—The Office of War Information (OWI) last night announced this year will bring a “…serious food situation…” in which American will face shortages of various degrees. Despite projections of more food being produced this year than in the record-breaking year of 1942, less of the supply will be allotted for civilian use. The OWI estimates “…civilians will have about three per cent more food than in pre-war years, but about six per cent less than in 1942.” It went on to say that shortages may feel more severe than they actually will be because people have become accustom to purchasing what they want, but may no longer be able to do so. Nutrition experts from the Department of Agriculture assured that while there may be shortages, the level of nutrition in the nation will be higher than in pre-war years.

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