April 9, 1943

Ration Coupons May Be Exchanged
CHICAGO, Ill.—At a luncheon yesterday, officials confirmed a plan is in the works to allow the exchange of waste fats and oils for meat red rationing coupons. The plan was explained to representatives from more than fifty clubs of professional women by Ben Regan, the executive secretary of the Illinois salvage section of the War Production Board (WPB). He said the plan, which has support from many in Washington, would allow a red coupon to be received for an equivalent amount of waste fat turned in. Thomas E. Wilson, the executive assistant co-ordinator of the Office of Civilian Defense in charge of fat conservation, stated, “We dug into our glycerin stockpile at a rate of twenty million pounds last year.” There is a projected shortfall of glycerin that, according to Regan, requires two hundred million pounds of waste fats to be collected this year. Glycerin is used in the manufacture of explosives, which are critical to the military.

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