June 18, 1943

Trip to Elope Scrutinized
SANTA BARBARA, Calif.—Charlie Chaplin eloped with Oona O’Neil on Wednesday. The Office of Price Administration (OPA), however, wants to question the film comedian regarding how he and his bride-to-be made the trip from Hollywood to Carpinteria in Santa Barbara County, specifically if any gasoline rationing rules were violated. According to the OPA, Chaplin does not own an automobile, but OPA director for southern California, Samuel Leask, Jr., said the couple reportedly used two vehicles to transport the wedding party. Additionally, claims have been made that the group exceeded the 35 m.p.h. Victory speed limit. The marriage is the fourth for Chaplin, 54, and the first for Miss O’Neil, 18, who is the daughter of famed playwright Eugene O’Neil. The couple was wed by Justice of the Peace Clinton P. Moore in his Carpinteria home.

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