January 14, 1942

Ban Extended to February
WASHINGTON, D.C.—The ban on all sales of new passenger vehicles was extended yesterday by the Office of Production Management (OPM). The extension is set until February 2 to allow the details of the rationing program to be finalized. The ban was originally set to expire tomorrow. All cars, trucks, and truck trailers for model year 1942 fall under the sales ban. The ban has negatively impacted automobile dealers. Members of the National Automobile Dealers’ Association met with a House committee on that issue. President of the NADA, L. Clare Cargile, said progress is being made and the OPM had given them a “very sympathetic response.” The AFL Teamsters’ Union has also urged the tire-rationing program be modified to prevent at least two hundred thousand truck and taxi-cab drivers be put out of work.

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