February 4, 1942

Area Set on West Coast
WASHINGTON, D.C.—Attorney General Francis B. Biddle today detailed an area on the west coast in which the movement of enemy aliens will be restricted effective February 24. Japanese, German, and Italian nationals in the specified area must be in their homes between the hours of 9 p.m. to 6 a.m. and otherwise be in their homes, their places of employment, or engaged in direct travel between. Additionally, they will not be allowed beyond five miles from their residences. The area of restriction begins at the Oregon state line, runs southward to north of Los Angeles, and extends from thirty to one hundred and fifty miles inland. This area of restriction is in addition to the eighty-six restricted areas established last week, but many of those areas overlap the new area. Concurrently, all enemy nationals age fourteen and older across the country must register at local post offices between February 9 and 28.

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