May 20, 1942

Move to Conserve Rubber
WASHINGTON, D.C.—Sources at the War Production Board (WPB) confirm a plan has been ordered drafted to roll out gas rationing nationwide by July 1. Arthur B. Newhall, rubber co-ordinator of the WPB, said last night it is “…inevitable by the end of the summer…” that a plan for nationwide gas rationing will be implemented. The intent of the plan would be to reduce consumption of rubber by reducing the number of miles driven. Daily rubber use is estimated at two hundred fifty thousand pounds per day, which is equivalent to approximately forty-five thousand tons per year. The administrators of three agencies—Joseph B. Eastman of the Office of Defense Transportation (ODT), Harold L. Ickes of the Petroleum Administration for War (PAW), and Leon Henderson of the Office of Price Administration (OPA)—have been tasked with drafting the plan.

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