September 2, 1942

Get Nazi Salute in Belfast
BELFAST, Northern Ireland—Demonstrators protesting the execution today of a member of the outlawed Irish Republican Army (IRA) broke into angry shouts directed at two American soldiers who were passing by on the street. Eighteen-year-old Thomas Williams was hanged earlier today in carrying out his sentence for killing a constable. The crowd was heard to shout “…why don’t you stay home…” and some in the crowd gave the extended-arm Nazi salute. The American soldiers were in Belfast in violation of the city being placed off limits by U.S. military authorities. The prohibition was put in place after the discovery yesterday of a large cache of arms and explosives suspected to be intended for attacks against American and British troops. An IRA manifesto has declared it will force the Allied Expeditionary Force (AEF) out of Northern Ireland “…by any means necessary.”

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