September 23, 1943

Called Dynamite by Foes
WASHINGTON, D.C.—Democratic Representative John E. Rankin of Mississippi today on the house floor accused supporters of a bill prohibiting poll taxes to be “…planting dynamite under the Constitution of the United States.” Proponents of the bill, which was introduced on January 3 of last year, responded by quoting Democratic Senator Carter Glass of Virginia who said the intention of a poll tax is to “…disenfranchise a great majority of the negroes...” in the eight states in the south that have a poll tax. Senator Glass has also said that the mass of negroes should not be allowed to vote. Morris Milgram, national secretary for the Workers Defense League, pointed to the statements by Representative Rankin and Senator Glass when he testified before a Senate judiciary subcommittee and said the bill is key to “…wiping out the white primary system of the south.” Proponents of the bill are pushing for a vote on October 12.

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