September 30, 1942

Violators May Be Fined or Jailed
HARRISBURG, Penn.—Pennsylvania Governor Arthur James yesterday declared a state-wide 35 mile per hour maximum speed limit for the duration of the war. Pennsylvania joins other states and the District of Columbia to reduce the speed limit to conserve gasoline and rubber. In Pennsylvania, those who violate the speed limit face fines of ten to thirty dollars and a suspension of their driver’s licenses. At the same time yesterday, Secretary of the Interior Harold L. Ickes sent proposed to Congress much stiffer penalties for speed-limit violators in the District of Columbia or any national park. Under his proposal, first-time violators would be fined at least twenty-five dollars. Third-time violators would be punished with fines from one to three hundred dollars, suspension of driver’s license, revocation of gas ration book, and permanent exclusion from receiving any gas ration in the future.

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