November 4, 1942

North and South Ends Meet
WHITEHORSE, Yukon Territory—Secretary of War Henry L. Stimson announced that the northern and southern segments of the new Alaskan highway have finally met yesterday here at Beaver Creek in the Yukon. The event has been described as the modern-day equivalent of driving the golden spike at Promontory, Utah. This meeting, however, was without pomp, but not without drama and nearly ended in tragedy. Corporal Refines Sims, Jr., of Philadelphia, who is working on the northern segment, was operating a bulldozer when trees in front of him began to fall in his direction. He reversed his machine just in time as Private Alfred Jalufka of Kennedy, Texas, who is working on the southern segment, drove his bulldozer through the trees. Without ceremony, the two immediately began widening the opening. A formal dedication ceremony is planned for November 20.

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