January 13, 1943

Synthetic Rubber Plant Affected
PITTSBURGH, Penn.—A wildcat strike by workers at the new Kobuta synthetic rubber plant near Pittsburgh has halted construction of the facility. The strike is unauthorized, according to AFL General Laborers Union local official Louis Relevant. Relevant stated that of about nine hundred workers, eight hundred and forty-two stuck shortly after reporting for work at 8 a.m. Eastern War Time (EWT). Wages is at the center of the dispute. Strikers are demanding a wage increase of fifteen cents, from seventy-five to ninety cents an hour. The basic wage for heavy construction laborers in this area is seventy-five cents an hour. Approval of any wage increase must come from Washington. Work on the Kobuta plant has halted, which will result in a delay of the facility in delivering synthetic rubber needed for the war effort.

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