April 14, 1943

Milk Ration May Be On Way
CHICAGO, Ill.—Black marketers looking for meat supplies are enticing dairy farmers with cash for their cows, imperiling the milk supply. The cash offered, reportedly as high as $0.17 per hundred pounds, is substantially more than farmers can realize from milk production and greater than even legitimate meat buyers can offer. A shortage of farm laborers makes it difficult for dairy farmers to maintain large herds, which has also led to farmers wishing to sell in order to reduce herds to a manageable size. Fueling the meat black market is a public willing to purchase meat at higher-than-market prices. Milk rationing is being considered for some areas of the country this year, Dr. T.G. Stitts of the Food Distribution Administration told the American Dairy Association yesterday. Stitts stated supply may become inadequate for many regions “…in the fall or sometime after July 1.”

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