April 21, 1943

Soup, Vegetables, Fruit See Drop
WASHINGTON, D.C.—The Office of Price Administration (OPA) last night ordered a reduction of point value for several rationed foods. Included in the cuts are canned and dried soups as well as frozen fruits and vegetables. Additionally, black-eyed peas—also known as cow peas or black-eyed beans—are to be removed from the list of rationed foods. The new point values will go into effect tomorrow. The cuts in points reduced by half or more in most cases the number of ration points needed to purchase the foodstuff. Several factors lead to the decision to cut point values, including concerns the oncoming warm weather would result in spoilage for frozen and dehydrated foods factored into the decision. The OPA normally adjusts points at the end of each month, but deemed “…prompt action was required now to best serve the interests of both the trade and the public.”

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