June 2, 1943

Black Market Also Targeted
WASHINGTON, D.C.—The Office of Price Administration (OPA) yesterday announced a sharp cut in the value of gasoline coupons in the area of shortage on the eastern seaboard. The cuts, which are effective as of today, involve B and C coupons. The value of these coupons drops from three gallons to two and one-half gallons. Price administrator Prentiss M. Brown stated, “These measures…represent a severe tightening of the gasoline program in the critical shortage area.” In addition to these cuts, T coupons will be reissued to combat black marketeers who buy up these stamps from taxi and truck operators who have a surplus at the end of a quarter and resell them to the public. The reissue will render all existing T coupons invalid, including those already in the hands of black marketeers.

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