June 9, 1943

Clashes with Sailors in Los Angeles
LOS ANGELES, Calif.—The Skidrow section of Los Angeles was the site of fighting yesterday between navy personnel and toughs known as zoot-suiters. Seaman Donald Jackson was stabbed and three others received severe beatings. Last night’s rioting marked the third day of clashes between military personnel and the fancifully clad hoodlums. The gangs are mostly composed of Mexicans, and are easily identified by their wide-brimmed hats; long coats; and high-waisted, ankle-hugging pants. The primary gangs involved include the Thirty-eighth Street Gang, the Mateo Bombers, the Main Street Zooters, and the Black Legion. Military authorities have declared the area where the rioting has occurred off-limits to soldiers, sailors, and marines. This area lies east of Main Street to the city limits of Montebello and from North Street north to the Los Angeles River.

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