January 12, 1944

Nazis Claim for High Treason
LONDON, England—The German news agency DNB has announced the son-in-law of Benito Mussolini, Count Galeazzo Ciano, along with four other former members of the Fascist Grand Council were executed by individual firing squads yesterday. The Nazis stated the executions were for high treason committed when the council voted Mussolini out of power in July last. The other four executed with the count were Marshal Emilio de Bono, Giovanni Marinelli, Carlo Pareschi, and Luviano Gottardi. The executions were carried out yesterday morning in Verona in Nazi-controlled northern Italy around 9 a.m. after an Axis tribunal. The action is seen as a move by Nazis to strengthen their grip on their occupied territory in Italy. British radio reported today Italian patriots operating in northern Italy have assassinated seventy-five “prominent Fascists” over the past ten days.

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