January 5, 1944

Congress Debates Alcohol Ban
WASHINGTON, D.C.—Are Monday hangovers a threat to war production? Talk of a national prohibition on the consumption of alcohol resurfaced here yesterday when Representative Sam Hobbs, a Democrat from Alabama, announced that the house judiciary sub-committee he chairs will begin hearings on the topic. This announcement sparked much debate on the controversial bill introduced March 4 last by Representative Joseph Bryson, a Democrat from South Carolina. The bill would outlaw the trafficking in all beverages with an alcohol content by volume greater than one-half of one per cent. If passed, the law would be in effect for the duration of the war until all American armed forces are demobilized. Noted prohibitionist Representative Victor Wickersham, a Democrat from Oklahoma, opposes the bill, instead preferring a constitutional amendment. Representative Walter Ploeser, a Democrat from Missouri, also opposed the bill, saying “Our last experience with prohibition was one of the worst things that have ever happened to this country.”

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