May 18, 1944

Twenty-nine Face Jury
WASHINGTON, D.C.—The sedition trial of twenty-seven men and two women began yesterday with opening statements punctuated with outbursts by some of the defendants. Chief prosecutor O. John Rogge told jurors the defendants wanted to “…bring about…” in the United States a “…Nazi revolution.” Defendant Robert Nobel blurted “that’s a damn lie” in response. Defendant Edward James Smythe at one point exclaimed “I’m a republican, not a Nazi!” The trial continues today under much calmer circumstances, opening to a series of motions by the attorneys for the defendants. Justice Edward C. Eicher denied all motions except for reversing two earlier motions on mistrial, which he now is considering. It is expected Eicher’s ruling on mistrial will occur after the defense presents its arguments against Rogge’s opening statements.

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