May 23, 1944

Gas This Year, Tires Next
WASHINGTON, D.C.—Charles F. Phillips, newly appointed chief of rationing for the Office of Price Administration (OPA), told reporters yesterday in all likelihood there will be an increase in the number of gallons of gasoline a “B” ration sticker will be allotted in the East and Midwest after the beginning of July this year. He also indicated new tires should be available for everybody sometime next year, while rationing of synthetic tires to holders of “A” stickers will begin when production exceeds 2,000,000 tires per month. The Office of the Rubber Director (ORD) separately projected the current per month production of 1,400,000 tires should be increased to that level beginning in the final quarter of this year. The ORD indicated goals for 1945 have not yet been set.

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