November 10, 1942


Many Women Unaccustomed to Industrial Conditions

WASHINGTON, D.C.—The Women’s Bureau of the United States Department of Labor has just released  Special Bulletin No. 7, Hazards to Women Employed in War Plants on Abrasive-Wheel Jobs. This bulletin outlines the effects of grinding, buffing, and polishing operations on women’s health compared to men’s health. Dust, especially metallic dust, is a chief problem. Another common problem is dermatitis, which is an acne-form eruption of the exposed skin. Bits of metallic grinding debris may wound the skin, which becomes infected. Hair follicles may also become plugged and infected. The bulletin states, “…some authorities say that women are especially susceptible to such infection because their skin is tender.” Dermatitis among women is being studied by The Women’s Bureau.

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