June 7, 1943

Friend Shot in Accident
PHILADELPHIA, Penn.—The ten-year-old grandson of President Roosevelt, the son of Colonel Elliot Roosevelt, was involved in an accidental shooting yesterday in which his best friend was killed. William “Billy” Donner Roosevelt accidentally knocked over a loaded .22 caliber rifle, which discharged. The bullet entered the chest of eleven-year-old Lewis Hutchinson, piercing his heart before exiting the other side of his chest. The young Hutchinson was the son of an investment banker from Ardmore. He was pronounced dead on arrival at Bryn Mawr hospital at 6:25 Eastern War Time (EWT). The accident occurred at the home of Billy’s mother on the 168-acre farm at Edgemont in suburban Delaware County. Billy’s mother—Mrs. Elizabeth Donner Windsor—and Colonel Roosevelt were divorced in 1933 after one year of marriage.

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