June 4, 1943

Farm Trip Deemed a Violation
PITTSBURGH, Penn.—Pittsburgh Mayor Cornelius D. Scully had his A and C gasoline ration books seized by the Office of Price Administration (OPA) last night. His personal A ration book was revoked until September 3 for violating rationing rules in making a 350-mile round trip to his farm in West Virginia. In addition, the OPA revoked the C ration book that applied to the city limousine used by the mayor; this suspension is in effect until July 3. The mayor has five days to appeal the suspension of his ration books, but he says he will not do so. The mayor describes himself as “…a gentleman farmer…and a food producer.” His farm is near Shepherdstown, West Virginia, and produces fifteen thousand bushels of apples a year along with a lesser amount of peaches.

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