July 30, 1943

Cook Stoves Join Heating Stoves
WASHINGTON, D.C.—The Office of Price Administration (OPA) yesterday announced that rationing of stoves will be expanded from the current thirty-two states to nationwide starting August 23. The scope of the rationing order will now include cooking stoves as well as heating stoves. Cooking stoves are being added to the list to conserve metals, manufacturing resources, and transportation as well as to ensure distribution of stoves to those most in need. The states where heating stoves are currently rationed are those in which heating oil is rationed. The stove ration was instituted in those states on December 18 last. Certificates for stoves in those states will expire when the expanded rationing goes into effect, and new certificates will replace the current ones. The OPA has been projecting this expansion of stove rationing since late June.

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