August 6, 1943

Convicted of Raping Housewife
CAMP CLAIBOURNE, La.—The Public Relations Office has announced a soldier convicted of rape was hanged here earlier today. Private Walter J. Bohn had been convicted of rape, larceny, and housebreaking for an incident on January 8 past. The incident took place in Alexandria, Louisiana, and involved a young housewife there. The conviction was handed down by a military court martial. The death sentence was reviewed by the Eighth Service Command located in Dallas, Texas, and was approved by the commander-in-chief, President Franklin Roosevelt. Bohn, age 26, was from Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. He marks the tenth member of the armed forces executed since the beginning of the war, all by hanging. Six executions have been in the United States, one in the southwest Pacific theater, two in the European theater, and one in the North African theater.

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